Golden Whistlers

State Rally – Boddington March 2021

The newest chapter to join the WA branch of the CMCA is the Golden Whistlers.

All the Whistlers that attended the state rally would like to thank the CMCA WA branch for a great rally.

The Chapters display tables were interesting and it was good to have the opportunity to sign on some new members to our chapter.

There were lots of different activities to join in, if one so wished. The different talks that were given were very informative, especially around solar panels and batteries used for motorhomes. The entertainment was excellent. The Sax Single even managed to get some of our young ladies up and dancing.

The Brookhamton Bell Ringers put on a ring a ding performance that was very entertaining. 

The pet show saw quite a variety of dogs come out all preened and dressed up. Congratulations to Angie for Rusty’s  waggiest tail as it never stops.

 The Brummell’s coffee van was well appreciated as some of us just spent the day sitting under the awning drinking their ice coffees and iced chocolates. The meals that came from there were exceptional and well appreciated. Some of us went back home with most of the food that we took to eat but did not end up eating as the meals were so good that they kept on calling us back for more each day.

We will definitely need to upgrade our disc bowl set so we can practice and join in next time with more confidence on throwing plastic and not wooden disks.

The markets were great and the fruit boxes were delicious. The movie afterwards brought back all the memories of the days when we would take our blankets and go to the walk-in gardens for movies. The moon was at the right brightness and the night was not to cold. The whole evening was sublime and the movie was extremely enjoyable and relevant for that area. It was great to share the movie viewing with the folks from town.

The skits that were held on the last night were a scream. Our Can Can, Carn’t Carn’t girls were amazing. A performance that was well received considering there was only a few short practices done in secret. They even managed to get everyone clapping along to the Can Can tune. So it was great to see everyone’s enjoyment of our skit. Well done Kerry and Judy.

Some of our chapter members also did a wonderful job volunteering at the rally as many hands make light work.

So once again, thank you WA branch of CMCA for a great rally. We all look forward to the next one.



The Golden Whistlers       

Newsletter February 2021.

Another chapter meet done and dusted at Stockton Lake. After the 5day lock down and no travel to the South West, I thought it might be all off, but several of us went to Stockton Lake the following week for some great R & R. The weather was hot on Monday and Tuesday, so we were in and out of the lake many times. It is a great place to swim, although a little difficult to get in and out of so we picked our spot!!!! Wednesday and Thursday saw us with jumpers on!!! What a change.

We were happy to see Angie back from her trip to SA, travelling back with Rena who was also very welcome to be amongst us again. We also had a day visit from Keith and Heather. Zena came and went – fridge problems. Hope to see you again soon Zena. Terry and Foi also joined us for the first time, as did Ken– great to have you all with us. Members came and went over the 4 days but great to see you all. Another old friend – Frank, was there in his tent across the way, with his nephew. He looks so well now after some major medical problems in the past.

Rosemary told us about her wonderful adventure to Christmas Island and the Cocus Keeling Islands. It seems she and her friends had a great time snorkelling and also trying to keep away from the crab migration.  Listening to her made us all envious and she would encourage all to go if you can. Thank you, Rosemary, for the great talk you gave us.

Rosemary and Judy went off on their bikes – luckily didn’t get lost and came back invigorated. Rosemary also had her kayak out each day. Tracy arrived on Thursday with her son, who proceeded to do a video of Mum on the SUP. What a girl. Good on you – only fell off once!!!!!!!

Our main activity for the meet was to attempt to do some marbling. This was fun, although some of us got pretty messy – excuse – a poor little pinkie!!!!!! We will have another go later.

Our next time together will be at the State Rally in Boddington from 24th to 29th March. A great program has been put together for us to I hope as many as possible will come along. If you haven’t been to a rally before, this is a small one, so you won’t be overwhelmed by too many people. Some of our members are going to meet up at Crossman on the Albany highway near the turn in to Boddington, on the Tuesday afternoon. There is a big gravel area on the left-hand side of the highway, opposite the now closed fuel station. There are no facilities there – just a stop over and then you can all travel into Boddington next morning. If you arrive in a group and let the gate people know you are in the group, you will be parked together if you choose to of course.

The program will be on the CMCA WA site so you can see what is going to be on during the 5 days. If you haven’t sent your registration in yet, there is a higher fee now – early birds closed on the 20th. But don’t let this deter you from coming. Rallies are a great place meet new people, get information and generally have fun. If you have any questions about it, please give me a call – 0417182647.

We will be setting up a chapter stand at the rally – showing off our chapter attributes. Our new shirts will be ready then too so wear them with pride. If you have any pictures you would like to show off of our chapter, please let me know so we can get them set up. We will have general information about our chapter and maybe attract some new members.

The April meet will be in Dumbleyung from the 9th through to the morning of the 13th – 4 nights inclusive. We will be parking behind the GODI (Grand Olde Dumbleyung Inn) and will have use of he showers and toilets there. Camp fees are cheap at $5 pppn plus club fee of $3pp, and we will have at least one meal at the pub. I plan on going part way on the Thursday, camping along the way – destination that night as yet undetermined but I will let you know if anyone wishes to join me. Probably be Highbury free camp on the Great Southern Highway. Toilets there and next to the rail line but good spot. Will keep you posted. Then it is a reasonable run – about 80ks next morning.

Dumbleyung has lots to see while there so I hope many of you will make the trip with us. Our grocery grab and other charity fun games will happen at Dumbleyung.

I am in the process of organising meet sites for July onwards. I am rebooking Waroona for December as we had a great time there and those I have spoken too are more than happy to return.

We will be going to Kwolyin camp site in September – wildflower season so keep that in mind. The updated program should be ready to send out in the next couple of weeks.

Our morning tea was a great success and after consultation with others, we are going to try and have one each month. Judy has volunteered to organise the morning tea for March and will give us all the information very soon. It would be great if we could have a volunteer each month to take on the organising of this – in your area or wherever you choose. Please consider doing your bit for the club – only have to do it once a year!!!!!!!! And it is not difficult!!!!!! Please contact me if you are prepared to take on this very small task. I await some phone calls with bated breath!!!!

UPDATE - I have just had a message regarding the State Rally. The program will be found in full, on the CMCA WA site or go to the CMCA site and look up rallies and choose West Coast rally. There will also be application form attached as well. Please go in and have a look.

Stay well, stay safe and enjoy life. Hope to see you at the State Rally or at out next meet in Dumbleyung.



Jarradale January 2021

Golden Whistler’s Newsletter January 2021
A new year – a new outlook on life. Have you set some goals yet – more travel, healthy lifestyle, staying well, meeting new people????? None of this is hard to do so let’s go!!
Our January meet was very small – mostly due to the hot weather but we had 5 people come along. There was a great breeze and under the trees it was remarkably cool. On Sunday we even had to put jackets on due to the cool winds from the east in Jarradale.
Dawn introduced us to Banana Gram – like Scrabble but individual sets against each other in times. It was very enthralling, and it became the game of choice for us all. I am going to get a set for the chapter to use. If you already play this you will be familiar, but if not – look out – Banana Gram here we come!!!!!
John joined us on Sunday and being new to his motorhome and to motorhoming in general, he was given a crash course on many aspects of the lifestyle. John we will test you next time on your use of certain items!!!!!!! Great to see him with his bike and off riding when he can. He rode from Jarradale to Serpentine Dam – up and down those hills. It is a credit to you John, even if it is an electric bike.
Jarradale is a great bush camp and we may go there again in the spring as there is lots of bush to explore and wildflowers to see. Under the trees where we were, we were entertained by a myriad of birds, both large and small, none of whom were afraid of us. It was great to see them flitting around.
Our next meet will be at Stockton Lake which is just out of Collie on Piavanini Road. Turn off the Collie Darkan road, right if coming through Collie of the SW Hwy. There are drop loos but around the other side is a flush loo. We chose to go during the week, as school holidays are over and the weekend can be very busy with boats, jet skis etc.
A Grocery Grab will be held, probably Tuesday or Wednesday Happy Hour. This will cost you 50cents to participate with the money going to our charity jar. Please bring a WRAPPED grocery item up to the value of $4 – and please – no more than that. Remember, everyone who plays, gets an item, and all it costs is 50 cents to play!!!!!
We may also have a 50cent Throw At The Bottle, so if you wish to participate in that, bring along a couple of 50 cent pieces.
Remember the 20 cent Dice game we played at Yarloop?????? Want to try that again? Bring 4 x 20 cent pieces as well. Please remember, no-one HAS to participate – it is totally voluntary, so please DO NOT feel you have to join in. Whatever we do or play is your own choice and all the money from these frivolous games goes into the charity jar.
As we will be at the lake, please bring suitable swim wear as it is quite safe to go into the water. Bring your Floaties, Noodles, Tubes or whatever buoyancy apparatus you like and don’t forget your hat and sunscreen – yes Mum !!!!!!!
Our March meet will be at our State Rally to be held 24th to 29th March in Boddington. I will have some registration forms at Stockton so please give this some thought as the State Rallies are an opportunity to meet members of all WA chapters and any interstate visitors who may be around and want to come. The cost is $100 for registration before 19th Feb, including 5 nights camping, and 3 nights with some food provided. There will be a Cocktail night on the Friday so bring your Glad Rags!!!!! If you want more information, please go to the CMCA Western Australia website and click on “Rallies”. You can also register on that webpage too. If you have any questions about the State Rally, we will try to answer all of them at Stockton Lake. You are not required to attend the full time, if you choose, so only pay camping for the nights you attend. If you register after the 19th Feb, a further $15 is added. You must so be a registered CMCA member. Please think about this and consider attending.
It was brought to our attention that the email address for the Golden Whistlers, in the Wanderer magazine, was incorrect, so steps have been taken to attend to this. If anyone was trying to contact me, I apologise. It should be fixed for the Feb issue but if not, definitely for the March issue. I can always be contacted by phone or text on 0417 182 647. Did you see the double page spread in the last Wanderer??????? How good was that. Not everyone gets such recognition!! Well done all.
I am in the process of sorting camp sites for July until December so look out for that info coming soon. April is Dumbleyung at the GODI (Grand Olde Dumbleyung Inn) from 9th to 12th April. May is Old Marrinup Town – bush camp (drop toilets only) from 10th to 13th May. Please try and bring firewood as damper and jaffles will be on the go there!! June is at Pumphries Bridge from 11th to 14th June. We have a hall there with a fireplace so bring wood if you can.
Enough from me – if you would like to add any info, ideas or even do the newsletter – don’t hold back!!!!! I would love some assistance please.
If you are able, please let me know if you are coming to Stockton Lake, via phone, text or email to cmcagoldenwhistlers@gmail.com
See you at Stockton lake. Stay well, stay safe and stay happy.
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