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Golden Whistlers

Bolgart October 2020

Bolgart Chapter Meet, October 2020
Although the weather warmed up considerably over the weekend, a great time was had by the 18 people who came for the meet. The facilities were excellent with a great hall, kitchen, toilets and showers.
Many activities included a quiz night – pretty hard multiple choice questions (won’t use those again!!!!!!). We did this with a difference – not groups but individual and made everyone think a little harder. Vivienne was the winner and received a great cooler bag donated by Tracy (the winner of the coin throwing at Woody).
Prior to the quiz, we held a Grocery Grab. All goods were wrapped so when the game ended, everyone had a surprise item. This caused much fun and laughter amongst everyone.
Charades was also a laugh a second, with some more adept at giving the clues. Allie had us in stitches with a couple of her antics. All those present took part and made for a fun and laughter evening.
Pauline gave us an insight into the Lions Skin check program that travels to country areas with a bus and all the equipment, to do thorough skin checks for those not able to travel to the city. This is a vey worthwhile program and of great benefit to country people. Thank you Pauline.
On Saturday, most of the group did a bus tour out to Wyening Mission Farm. This is now a crop growing enterprise, growing oaten hay for export, but the buildings have been restored as much as possible. We walked to the original winery where the wine was made and sent to New Norcia in the early days. We were impressed by the very thick walls of hand made bricks, made on site and the stone which was also off the farm. The original farmhouse is also of solid construction and is available for hire for up to 14 people. The small chappal is still exactly as it has been used for  many years. We were treated to afternoon tea, inside, as the flies were friendly, but a walk around the garden was enjoyable too.
Some members were lucky to benefit from the bus driver’s two children. They had a very enterprising business selling their farm fresh eggs to our members. The kids were happy and very pleased to make themselves a little pocket money. Country kid manners were very obvious!
On Sunday we walked to the pub for lunch. The pub in Bolgart almost closed as the previous owners were ready to move on. The pub is the centre point of the town so enterprising local people joined a syndicate and bought the pub to keep it open and have a fully qualified chef. The food was excellent as was the service – some of the girls are backpackers and loving being here. We followed a group of Porsche car fanatics through the dining room who told us we must be the POSH people as we were given a tablecloth for lunch!!!!! That caused much hilarity all round – us, the POSH people!!!!!
Disc bowls, cards, Kids Covid Games and a jigsaw kept us all entertained. All in all, a great weekend was had by all. Pauline and Rosemary both went off on their bikes and enjoyed a ride around the town and out a little way. Well done girls.
Information and plans are in place for our next meet at Yarloop so looking forward to seeing you all again then. Please send me any ideas of activities to do. Vivienne is going to enlighten us on “Lighthouse Life”, Pauline is going to teach us some Tai Chi and Rosemary will be explaining the use of meditation at the December meet as she will be away at Christmas Island in November. Good luck to you Rosemary – enjoy.

Woodanilling Sept 2020

CMCA Golden Whistlers (Chapter 108)


Hello to all,

What a great weekend we had in Woodanilling. We had 22 people with 19 RV's in attendance, some for the whole weekend and some for part of the weekend. Thank you all who attended, and I hope you had an enjoyable time meeting old friends and new. As this was our inaugural meet, we held an AGM for CMCA requirements. I was elected president with Leo taking on the treasury and a first time, very new member, Dawn Skellett has taken the position of Secretary. Thank you, Leo and Dawn, for filling these roles.

On Friday night, we cooked jaffles and damper in the campfire and these all went down well. It was a little chilly but having the fire certainly helped keep our toes warm. Thank you, Dave, for the great campfire.

Saturday saw our required meeting held and I gave a general talk on how we hope our chapter (number 108 in the CMCA)  will proceed, pointing out that running under the CMCA guidelines and everyone's import, we should have many enjoyable meets together. 

Disc bowls and ladder golf were popular and for those uninitiated, both were an experience. A gentle exercise class each morning got the circulation going for those who were up and about. Well done to everyone. I hope you have kept some of those going!!!!????

Saturday night saw the firing up of the BBQ and all those spuds in foil in the campfire. We kept ourselves well fed over the weekend.

Some members left on Sunday to walk the ranges, ride the bikes and go where their hearts took them. Those who remained walked to the Woody pub for a delightful lunch together. The owners were extremely grateful that we came and supported them as this is just a little country town. They have a great free camp in town too with a dump point and toilets available, so if you are heading somewhere and looking for an overnight, or longer, stay, call in at Woody.

All in all, we had a great weekend. I hope you will all continue to come along and also those who didn't come, may just want to join us soon. Everyone is welcome.

Our next time away is in Bolgart where the theme for the weekend is "Laugh and have fun" - not hard really.

I have attached a run down on the town and how to get there. We are also able to visit Wynening Mission Farm if we have a minimum of 10 people. Please google Wynening Mission Farm to see what this is all about. We can arrange a bus to take us there and the tour including a pretty flash (apparently) afternoon tea is included in the cost of $25. I have it on a good recommendation, this is well worth a visit. Please have a look and email or text me ASAP - like tomorrow!!!!! if you are interested so I can make the arrangements.

If possible, we may go to the Bolgart pub for lunch or tea on the Sunday. We also need to let them know if people are interested so an urgent reply s required on this as well please. 

We will have the use of the hall there so in the evenings, we will have card and board games to do as well as some brain teasing quick quizzes - nothing too hard and not too competitive.

At our first meet, Leo organised and donated a bottle of sparkling wine which was used as a charity fund raiser. Tracy was the best thrower of the 50-cent piece!!!!! and won the wine. A 50-cent coin was all that was required. Well done Tracy.

It is planned to have a small charity fundraiser at each meet and the money will be held until a time chosen by all members and given to a charity that everyone agrees upon.

At Bolgart, we plan on a 50-cent participation cost to join in a Grocery Grab. Please bring a grocery item of no bigger cost than $3, wrap it in paper so the contents are not known. We will have the Grocery Grab at Happy Hour. You never know what you may end up with, but you have to be in it to find out. Participation is, of course, voluntary, so only join in if you are comfortable with this.

Bolgart will commence on Friday 9th October and will conclude on the morning of Tuesday 13th. The cost will be $3 club fee and $9 pppn camping fees. The hall ad toilets will be available for our use. Camp on the way up or back if you want an extended time away. 

November meet will be in Yarloop from 9th for 4 nights at the sports club. Hall and toilets will be available with cost at $3 club fee (for every meet) and will be $7.50 pppn. Dogs as per CMCA rules.

December meet will be at the Greenhills Inn and be $5 pppn with toilets available and the showers will be $5 per shower if you require one, at the Inn.

January meet will be at the free camp in Jarrahdale. There are NO facilities, but water and a dump point are on site. This will be a 3-night meet only.

Information regarding each meet will be sent each month with what is happening and what to do while at these venues. February through to June will be sent as soon as definite venues have been confirmed. Your input into places to go is very welcomed and I ask you to let me know of suitable places as soon as possible. It is planned to have a roving Wildflower meet probably next September so will be looking for information and a person ready to take on the organising. This could be up to 2 weeks both north and south so think about it and we will have a discussion at Bolgart.

Now that we are up and running, it seems no time until our next meet. I welcome all of you and look forward to many fun filled chapter meets with good friends, good company and good food!!!!!!

Please email or text me if you are interested in the Wynening Tour and also a pub meal. This is important. Thank you everyone.

Cheers for now,


Laugh More Live Longer