Golden Whistlers

March 2022

Stockton Lake – March 2022

What a great time was had – the sun shone continuously each day, and the company extremely enjoyable, with a combination of Golden Whistlers (GW) members and visitors: 20 in all.

Although the temperature was a little on the hot side, the setting with it’s shady trees, picture-perfect blue lake and close proximity of the long-drop composting toilet, made for a very relaxing atmosphere (amazingly no ‘perfume’ at all).

Plenty of energy abound from some: with Tracy’s prowess with her paddle board; and Glenyce who seemed to be in swimming mode, most of the time, as well as encouraging the rest of us to get adventurous. Also on the agenda were early morning exercises, ladder golf, disc bowls, the old mainstay of cards and plenty of ‘jaw exercise’ in between.

Just a little hint to anyone whom may come across Hilda playing Bush Rummy – head for the hills – she couldn’t do a thing wrong!

Have to say a big thank you to Doug and Laura for donating a ladder golf set, to the GW chapter – it’s a whiz-bang unit with a wonderful scoring ‘board’ (made by Doug). Glenyce presented them with a bottle of bubbly, as a thank you from us all. Go Doug and Laura!

Our thanks also goes to Marie for providing the Guessing Game of ‘how many lollies are in the container’, which was strongly contested: resulting in $28 being raised for our Charity Jar. Well done Marie. Oh, by the way, Hilda won the guessing game – what a lucky few days she had, but she did share some of her winnings (lollies) with us!

How could we forget Anne who was the life and soul of our Happy Hours gatherings, and at other times, with her timely jokes – just rolled out with such ease: what a memory she has for them.

It was unanimously agreed by all members present, that the Golden Whistlers chapter would donate $200 to the Lismore Food Bank, for flood relief. Treasurer Gary to organise and finalise the donation.

On Thursday evening, as we sat about talking after dinner, and the sky so clear and everything still, we were treated to a spectacular sight: Elon Musk’s satellite station orbiting the earth. It was both beautiful and surreal to watch this event happening in such a wonderful setting, with great company.

And on that note this report of our gathering comes to an end.

Live, love and laugh more, until we meet again.


Lake Clifton Winery
Lake Clifton Winery

January 2022


John’s Place – Lake Clifton – 7th to 10th January, 2022

A very hot start to our first GW chapter meet for the year.  Those who arrived Friday mostly were straight into the pool – welcomed relief.  Vans arrived in dribs and drabs and by happy hour time, the most popular time of the day, we moved to the outside under huge shady trees which created the right atmosphere – too hot in the shed.

Thanks Glenyce for the talk on fire extinguishers, fire blankets and alarms on the second day – great participation by the group and some of us checked on our set up and need to do some maintenance.  Important to check.  The wind came up in the afternoon, but this kept the temperature down a little and the swarms of bugs away.  After much troubleshooting etc with our new projector, we managed to have a movie night, although the sound up as high as it could go, was a bit hard to hear – this hopefully will be sorted before the next meet.  We watched “A Good Year” staring Russell Crowe – we have about 25 more on a USB drive. 

During our few days, Anne came up with the occasional joke that always seemed to fit in with   whatever we were discussing – how does she remember so many !!!!!  Big laughs each time.

We had plenty of games and cards to occupy ourselves and also continued with the knitting for Pauline to make lap blankets for the elderly – I personally managed to get one square done !!  Kevin had a quoits game – first we thought ‘first to score 60’ won, but after a lot of laughs trying, we decided ‘first to get one on’ was the winner – LOL.  Some of us did get a little better at it after a lot of practice.  Fun trying.

Tony acted as taxi driver and took those who wanted to go, to the winery a couple of doors away. This proved popular and people came back with bottles of wine and/or olives. Seems it was an interesting little excursion. Thanks to those who went and supported the local industry.

We also did a ‘pass the parcel’ game – multiple gifts wrapped in large number of paper and a clue on who to pass it to next and also a question to answer - each person was a winner and this was also a fundraiser with 50c to participate.  Everything we seem to do, brings on laughter – all good.

Thanks Glenyce also for our morning exercises, Rosemary for the meditation session and Christine for her poetry and all who contributed in any way to make this a successful fun group.

Sunday night we shocked, stunned and made our regular visitor, Barry, very happy with his surprise 80th birthday celebration.  Decadent Pavlova and music –  he was very thankful – made us all smile.

Those who had electric pushbikes went on trips including Bouvard Winery for lunch – quite a few K’s away and headwind on return, but apparently enjoyable, except Leo now has a puncture in his fat tyres. 

We also played “Pin the Tail on The Donkey” – Glenyce spinning us around after the blind fold was put on, creating a couple of dizzy episodes – won by moi (Kerry) – it definitely was a hoot.

After discussions between two committee members, it was decided to go ahead with next months Heron Point meet.  As of 1st January, this site is web bookings only and the web site has a few glitches making it hard to navigate, but moi (me) helped book 6 sites for some who were there and Glenyce will be emailing details on how/what to do.  Persevere, as the site is not completely user friendly.  You cannot book when you get there. 

Tony asked us to vacate by 10am Tuesday – no probs as this is normal anywhere, but he decided we all should be awake and moving a lot earlier and revved his tractor up and dropped the front end shovel creating such a loud bang, actually scaring some of us.  We were out by 8. 

All in all, a very successful camp due to the lovely people who came – thanks.

Kerry Gale