Western Rovers

Western Rovers Jarrahdale July 2020 Event

Jarrahdale Primary School was the venue for the Western Rovers event from 17 -19th July with some 11 motorhomes and 1 caravan plus a few day visits by members. We welcomed new members Peter and Fran Lewis. It was good to see Sylvia up and about for a visit at least.

The weekend started with Jeff and Moh’s MH becoming bogged in the soggy grass. Bill came to the rescue in his 4WD and pulled them back onto hard ground. Others made some significant ruts in the grass but made it to safety. Jeff, Henk, and Russell later proceeded to do some repairs which much feet stamping on the mud and some fresh sand fill.

Our hardworking President, Graham, was unable to stay but he did spend time preparing for the new Covid rules pertaining to our events for now. He had made up signs and sanitizer stations plus organised daily temp checks for everybody. He came back Saturday morning to run the general meeting. His fire pit was also very welcome in the cold and occasionally wet weather. We are grateful to Graham and Russell for supplying wood in addition to what others were able to collect. John showed his prowess at axe splitting jarrah for the fire.

Saturday night saw 10 members walk down to the pub for a meal even though we originally had 24 wishing to go, but the venue was too full for more than our original 10 requests. Quite a few of the Senior’s specials were ordered. Eight of us had morning tea at the Café on Sunday morning.

A Western Rovers weekend wouldn't be the same without the many enjoyable games of disc bowls. Ivan showed his skill with a frisbee while playing with Charmaine Eacot’s two grandchildren. It was also a great weekend being a reunion after the many months of cancelled events due to Covid restrictions.

Jeff Tapper

Western Rovers Event Goomalling 13 – 15 March 2020

We had 13 motorhomes and caravans present with a total of 21 people plus 3 vans from the Willie Wagtails Chapter (Fran + Graham+ Sue), plus a couple of visitors in a Swagman motorhome (Peter and Fran). We all stayed at the Caravan Park again where the owners Keith and Kathy made us all welcome. We especially made good use of the undercover area and the camp kitchen/meeting room for our early St Patrick’ s Day celebration meal.

The local op shop again benefited from our patronage with some really good deals on the Saturday. Naturally the disk bowls came out and were enjoyed along with morning teas and happy hours with nibblies and cakes generously supplied by several people. Moh made green cup cakes with cream and icing sugar on the top in the shape of shamrocks. The flies were fairly bothersome this year and so a number of nets came out. Lyn also supplied 4 bottles of wine after a cupboard cleanout exercise.

Many hands were involved in setting up the room for the special event, with special thanks to Sylvia again for supplying decorations. Lyn also provided a painting and flag to aid the effort plus a photo collage from last year from Graham. Although we all supplied our own meals, there were some shared items. Notably Moh’s green cream of broccoli soup, home-made strawberry and white chocolate icecream with waffle cones from Ann McCosker, and a trifle from Sylvia.

Many of us dressed in green with various adornments such as hats or ties but the best dressed probably went to our visitors, Fran and Peter, who also chipped in with the room set up. During the night Lindsay did a great job as a DJ by supplying Irish music, plus other music to dance by and singalong with. At one stage we also had karaoke and the owner, Kathy, had a lot of fun with the mike. We all sang happy birthday to her husband, Keith, when they turned up during the evening. Graham presented them with chapter mugs as a thank you gift. The dancing was vigorous and Lyn taught some of her Irish dancing steps as that is one of her forte’s.

Another great event which led to much discussion the next day about holding more such special events if possible


Jeff Tapper (Chapter Secretary)


Jarrahdale Primary School was the venue for the Western Rovers event.18/20th October 16 vans rocked up.  We welcomed visitors Bryan and Libby from the Sandgropers on Friday. 
On Sat afternoon, there were 9 extra cars that came up for the afternoon for the discussion with Bevin Martin about the West Coast Rally disc bowls championship and trophies.   We were happy to welcome representatives from the Sandgropers and Southwest Wanderers,  
Our Western Rovers tireless President Graham chaired the discussion.   Please see details in the WR's email to all the WA chapters,

It was great to see Aileen and John the founder members of the Western Rovers including long time ex members Norma Hunter and Annette Arthurson.

Saturday night saw most members walk/drive down to the pub for a meal.   Afterwards, a few of us were talking and laughing till midnight

A Western Rovers weekend wouldn't be the same without the many enjoyable games of disc bowls.  John and Ulla back from Europe - mainly Denmark
and Ireland brought a new game along called ladder ball.   Many of us tried our hand at it and thoroughly enjoyed it.  We hope it will be a regular feature of our weekends.   Sylvia presented the ladies with beautiful handmade fingerless gloves which will definitely come in handy in the cooler weather.  
Our hardworking President Graham and partner Charmaine suggested we give special visitors a lovely Western Rovers mug and we all thought it was aN excellent idea.

Another enjoyable weekend with the wonderful Western Rovers
Anne de Souza

Yarloop July 2019

Western Rovers-July.

The WR’s went to Yarloop to enjoy the weekend. Our intrepid members turned up to wild and windy weather. 14 vans at most braved the cold, with some only staying one night.  One couple nearly got bogged, coming in the wrong way, the grass was very wet for a front wheel drive Fiat.

Seeing we could not use the hall until they move to their new premises, we sheltered for happy hour in the men’s changing room, with two gas heaters to keep us warm. Laughter and gaiety filled the room.

Some went over to the Bowling Club on Friday night, and had a delicious meal, and joined in the local darts. Charmaine and Andy Wilkinson won the meat pack for the best players, beating all the locals.

Saturday, some went down to the shop to buy papers, and all the enthusiastic disc bowl players, dashed in and out, in between showers, to have their games. Sat morning we all had a feed of party pies, sausage rolls, which Tom supplied, and cake from the ladies for morning tea, which was lovely, Wendy Campbell made a huge pot of pumpkin soup, it warmed us all up. Good on you Wendy.

Then more games. That night, a lot more went over to the Bowling Club for dinner, as we had raved on about the meals from the night before.

Graham fired up the pig at every chance he got and that helped to keep everyone warm.

More games and food Sunday, and a heated discussion about the new September sports games & rally. Then many went home. A few stayed and braved the cold in the men’s change rooms, and ate sticky date pudding supplied by Suzette, which disappeared very quickly.

Monday morning, the weather was no better, the remaining few packed up and went home.

I Anyone interested in going to the Yarloop Bowling Club.  “BillyJo’s Kitchen” is open Friday and Saturday nights, 4pm to 8pm – 0429 334 831 The food is well priced and excellent.