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Where have all the Western Rovers gone!!!    We only ended up with 12 Rigs and 3 guests, Colleen and Stephen, Susie and Paul and Kathy.   Some of the Western Rovers arrived really early like 8 am and others drifted in over the course of the day, so we ended up here and there amongst the 105 rigs that came to the rally.  We all received a goodies bag on arrival. Our first Happy hour was to be at the club rooms at 4pm, but because the St John Ambulance Demonstration went overtime, we couldn’t get in. So that wasn’t going to stop the Western Rovers we ended up at someone’s motor home,  doing what we always do chatting, laughing, eating and of course having a few drinks.  Good Times.  The Official Opening took place at 7.30pm after which we received a delicious cheese  cake  which was supplied by the West Coast Wags.


After a very BRIGHT night as they forgot to turn the oval lights off, we woke to a very cold morning .  I haven’t got much to say about this day as I was out of action, no not from a hangover, just not well. Stephen went to the Sundowner around 5.30 which was held at the Bluebird Replica, were the CMCA members were given a talk and served oven baked Pizzas, and lamb chops. Stephen said it was very cold and part of me was happy I didn’t go.   LIGHTS WENT OFF……IT WAS SOooo DARK. Hope you had a torch. The Stars were amazing


Another very cold morning, the lady next to us said it was 4c, so I wasn’t getting up till 9am.  Another beautiful day with clear skies again.  This morning was the Anzac Service presented by the Dumbleyung Primary School, consisting of 21 students and 5 kindy kids. They put on a beautiful service with singing, poems, artwork and letters from soldiers to home.

 After that the P&C from the school put on the most amazing spread of food,  it just kept coming , everyone was raving about it.  Around 11am we had demonstrations on making Tote Bags which were of lovely quality and our very own Diane Newton put on a Acrylic painting demonstration.   Diane made it look so easy with splashes of paint here and there and before we knew it   the painting had grown into a bush scene with a stormy sky.   Well done Diane by the way did you finally finish that painting?     After lunch there was the Dogs on Parade, I was most disappointed to see NO Western Rovers doggies making an appearance, you let the team down.  Doggies speak to your owners, cause you missed out on a show bag.( though some of you still got one)                                                                                                                                   Disc Bowls were under way with teams competing to be in the Finals. Ray has done an amazing job organising the teams, a big pat on the back for that.                                                                                  Fish and Chips night was good everyone seemed to eat everything.   Later tried to get back inside for BINGO but it was packed, so we just went home.


Another Chilly morning, good cuddling weather though.   Saturday was a bit of a free day, with just a few events, UHF radio and other communications, sharing tips and hints for you phones and tablets, and of course Disc Bowls continues.  Later in the day the Dumbleyung Food Festival started with plenty of CMCA members going along. Around 5.30 the cooking  started  for the  Best BBQ Meal Competition.  This played out like Master Chef, there were 8 teams all cooking something different on their BBQS. There was duck, pork, prawns, chicken, lamb, Thia beef, fish and my favourite was the Road Kill (marinate Kangaroo with salsa salad) OMG it was delicious.  You paid $2 for each tasting.  There was no Yabbies in the cook off but one of the ladies from the Willy Wagtails bought a SMALL jar of pickled yabbies for $30 hence NO yabbies on the barby.  Everyone I spoke to had a great time.


A warmer night but still a cold morning, the water in the van was too cold to drink.  People were up early as the CMCA Markets started at 9am. Lots of the members attending and buying stuff.       There was also a demonstration by the West Coast Wags of an Indoor Disc bowls game. It was on a table with a felt cloth over it and miniature discs and a small ball. Everyone was having a go.   What a great idea for those times when it’s too wet or too hot to be outside.  Plus a different sort of skills needed with the small discs.     On the way back to van  after a hard morning getting info for the scribe, I passed by  Paula and Jacques motorhome to find out from Ray that I’d just missed out on fresh made scones with jam and cream.   “What about me, it isn’t fair, I’m working hard, you could’ve shared.”  Such is life.                                                                                                                    Anyway come 2pm, it was hot and the Disc Bowls Finals started. The Western Rovers had 5 teams out of 8 playing off.  2 Men’s Teams, 2 Women’s Teams and 1 Mixed team .   Somehow I knew we had a good chance of winning something. The winning teams were, in the Mens, John, Ivan and Jacques and in the Women’s team, the winners were Diane, Anne and Beryl.  Our Mix Team , I think were John, Diane and Anne( sorry if I’m wrong) weren’t successful, but  congratulations to you all, there were some thrilling  games played.  To our other players, Ray, Tommy, and Brian and Liz, Ulla, and Paula better luck next time.   Also to the rest of the Western Rover who participated there’s always next year so keep practicing.                                                                                                                




 At the Closing Finale we celebrated with an Australiana theme, Pies, peas and mash and then HUGE, I’m talking,  HUGE,  Lamingtons with cream if you wanted.   The Photo Competition was drawn after dinner with two sections, People’s Choice and Professional’s choice. These were photos depicting Landscape, Unusual Vehicle, Pets on Parade, and Groups of people, at play, Happy Hour, and Individual at work. To my amazement, and I’m still in shock, I won a prize in the Professional section.  The photos will be on the CMCA Website, I still don’t know what photo they chose of mine. I also won 2nd prize in a raffle so as you can imagine I got a ribbing.

Also on a parting note, over $12,000 was spent in Dumbleyung over the Rally period, AMAZING and Well Done and….next years State Rally is in Boddington in March 2020.        So that’s it folks. Happy Trails.

Colleen Demidenko



Goomalling weekend update Western Rovers


What a wonderful time was had by 39 people in 21 motor homes/caravan. Swimming in the pool every day and the best celebration of St Patrick's Day ever, Silvia's input of decorating the camp kitchen room, all dressed up in green with dancing and frivolity, thanks to Liz and Lindsay for such fantastic music we partied all night. It was my first year of being a member of this group of people, the best thing I ever did of becoming a member of the Western Rovers.

Suzette Darcey

Australia Day and Western Rovers 17th Birthday at Brunswick.

Fifteen vans - that is an understatement, most of us arrived on Friday and by the next morning there were thirty one RVs on the Brunswick recreation oval. We had visitors from the Sandgroppers, Conrad and Liz Poppert and Kim and Bev Martin and from the Willy Wagtails, Leo Leung. Other visitors Include Ron and Hellen Hollett and Andy and Regina Sinikowski.

We started off on Saturday with a sumptuous breakfast, bacon and eggs and sweet juicy watermelons. Lions club of Brunswick arrived very early to cook and cater for us and the local community. Every member of CMCA who attended donated $5 towards the Lions Club with friendly members who welcomed us to the Australia Day celebration. Couldn’t help feeling proud to be an Aussie.

Where else in the world can we enjoy RVing so freely.

We had the pleasure of Bevin Martin’s company in the afternoon and we were thankful          to him for an update on the W.A. Combined State Rally 2019 in Dumbleyung.

As usual the rest of the day was relaxed and free to enjoy. Some played disc bowls, some catching with and making new friends whilst others indulged in a “little oral research and evaluation”

It is not often that we get spoiled with two breakfast in the same weekend.

On Sunday morning Ray, Carl, Tom, Kim and a few other helpers got together food that was available and served a hearty breakfast. More food as the day progressed. Western Rovers celebrated our 17th birthday with a birthday cake and lots of other cakes that kept coming for morning tea. Ray produced an enormous watermelon to quench our thirst.

Soon after disc bowls competition started for the George Delrue trophy. Congratulations to the winning team Carl, Stan and Ivan.

Such a great weekend, good weather, fantastic venue and RVs parked everywhere. Surely this could not have happened if it had not been for John our events coordinator and his lovely partner Ulla.

Pictures say a thousand words.

Scribe:  Ivan Danker.

February meeting for Western Rovers is at Wannamal oval 15th to 17th

Take the Great Northern Hwy to Bindoon about 3 klms past Bindoon, take the Moora Bindoon Rd 

About 35 klms Warnamal Hall is on left, the Wannamal free rest area is on the right.

Stay on oval behind the hall.

Toilets only.

Fees to be negotiated.

Hall is available but users responsible for clean-up

Click Here for details and contact info

Chapter Birthday Cake
Australia Day
Delrue Winners for 2019