Western Willie Wagtails

Back on the track!!! July 2020

We enjoyed our first Willie Wagtail meet since Covid 19 struck and we had to cancel the March 2020 meet.

The Goomalling Caravan Park accommodated us very comfortably.  Good kitchen facilities, outdoor covered area with access to a fire, good ablutions and the weather was not as bad as forecast.  Yes it was cold and the wind blew but it didn’t rain very much and when it did, it was light rain, not a downpour.

18 brave souls attended. Quite a few more had indicated that they would attend but pulled out when they heard the weather forecast including some new members who obviously do not appreciate what a hardy mob we are and can cope with all eventualities.  Pauline was the only new member who did attend and alas and alack she was taken to hospital early on Saturday morning by Graham M with severe back pain that she incurred due to a twisting injury in her van. I can report that Chubby Checker was not involved.  Pauline received several visits from the group whilst at the hospital and her daughter and son in law drove to Goomalling to take her and her van home. Pauline assured us that she was not put off by the experience and will be joining us again as soon as she is able.

Christine organised for us to attend the museum a short walk from the caravan park which was located in the original school buildings. Most of us attended and enjoyed the experience of seeing what had been the school master’s house complete with antiquities of the era and the school room with desks such as those we sat in during our primary years in the 1950’s.  Photos were taken and will appear on our facebook page soon.

Graham M ferried us on a tour of the town, pointing out places of interest.  He became word perfect certainly by the fourth trip that I took and was able to point out Dolly’s twins, the metal sculptures of kangaroos and others, the hospital where he located a brick with our Angela’s name engraved who had been the Director of Nursing there in the 1980’s, the commercial centre and the Shepherd’s grave.

There was much sitting by the fire, chatting and catching up with each other after such a long break, watching the football on the TV provided in the kitchen, some game playing, sewing, knitting and colonial music played by Christine. Nothing very engergetic.

We all enjoyed a joint meal on Friday night of soups made by Marise and Margaret with various breads and damper at Happy Hour on Saturday using camping pots owned by both Margarets.

We attended our first General Meeting of the year on Saturday morning for an hour with reports from the Treasurer and Events Coordinator. You will have received the minutes of the meeting by now.