West Coast Wags - The Pet Friendly Chapter

Pumphreys Bridge, 8th - 11th July 2022

13 rigs, 23 people (with three visitors) and 13 wagging tails.

What could have been a very cold weekend did not eventuate. Between the lovely wood fire in the hall and milder temperatures due to impending rain it was a most enjoyable weekend. Yes, it did rain late Saturday afternoon and evening but Sunday dawned much brighter, even if a bit squelchy underfoot.
Quite a number arrived Thursday and the rest trickled in throughout Friday morning. Most chose to park up near the hall so it was easy to get from A to B.

Sue kindly organised a soup and dessert meal for us on Friday night (with some help from Barb). A choice of three soups followed by apple cake and custard was appreciated by all. Thanks Sue. Saturday morning saw Shirl treat us to fresh scones made in the old wood stove. Nothing can beat the flavour of scones cooked in the ‘old fashioned’ way. Once again, thanks go to Shirl for so regularly treating us with such a scrumptious treat.

Saturday night saw our usual food extravaganza. Plenty of food and good company. Wags members certainly know how to cater. Rosalie had organised a Guess the Lollies in the Jar competition. Upon the completion of a communal count Leonie was declared the winner After dinner we also had several turns of our Chocolate Wheel fundraiser. Between these two activities and our continued support of our Containers for Change account our club members reap the benefits. Lots of banter and some lucky winners
(Don’t forget your gold coins ready for next month). Thanks must go to Bev and other contributors for donating the prizes for our wheel. For those that would appreciate a reminder, the West Coast Wags Containers for Change account is C10285597.

The evenings, after dinner, saw our keen card sharks ready to play Bush Rummy whilst others chatted or headed back to their rigs. We couldn’t match the fantastic scores reached at Bolgart but we had fun trying.
It was an entertaining weekend watching the antics of our waggy brigade. The waggy tails brought along by our visitors were soon having fun playing with their new friends. Size didn’t seem to matter as they played chase and romped around together.

Please note next month’s venue has changed. We are now going to
Greenhills Inn, Greenhills (Fri 12th- Mon 15th August 2022). Please contact Tony1 on 0418926910 or email tony.dixon1@bigpond.com to indicate your attendance or for further info.

YARLOOP. 10th to 14tth JUNE 2022

This months meeting was very unusual and our Chapter Scribe was not available, hence no photographs.

The event started with a few people arriving on Thursday and having tea at the Yarloop Bowling Club. They were most impressed with the food and welcome received from the Patrons.

So, Friday after more arrivals it was decided to return to the club for tea and the Darts competition. A great time was had by all.

Unfortunately, one of our members came with a positive covid test. Immediately this put a dampener on the event. People who felt they were at particular risk decided to leave which was completely understandable.So 6 people left.

Those of us who had already had been in contact decided to stay.

Thanks to Sue and Tony we enjoyed hamburgers for lunch on Saturday. Then played some disc bowls and cards. Generally stayed in the group.

Our Saturday night meal and dessert, was kindly provided by Beverly and Shirley. Many thanks to both..

Sunday morning most people packed up and went home early.

Looking forward to out next meeting at Pumphrey’s Bridge. July 8, 9, 10. Cost $10.00 per van per night including use of the hall. Toilet in hall. No showers.

Please bring some firewood.

The Evidence
The Evidence

Bolgart, 13th - 16th May 2022

16 rigs, 27 people, 2 day visitors, 9 wagging tails and 2 day

The early birds on Thursday arrived safely despite wet, miserable weather. Camp was established and the hall organised ready for another fun filled weekend. By lunchtime Friday almost all had arrived, parked up and were ready for a catch up.
The verandah was well used to keep us socially distanced, along with a circle of chairs out in the sunshine, near the rigs.

After the miserable weather Thursday, Friday dawned to clear skies, though a nippy breeze. Many took the opportunity to explore this lovely little town, supporting the local shop and hotel on their wanders. Most chose to have dinner at the hotel - returning to camp with rave reviews about the size and quality of their meals.

Saturday was a busy day as we had a club meeting planned and some local ladies had indicated their willingness to join us with their crafts. With some jiggling we achieved both during the morning, as well as indulging in freshly made scones (thanks Shirl) for morning tea.

Our club meet ran smoothly. We discussed possible
venues for our next Christmas celebration, possible ’events’ to add variety to our weekends and different club fundraising ideas. Everyone was encouraged to put forward simple fundraising ideas that they are prepared to organise/run.

The three local ladies clearly enjoyed their time with us as much as we enjoyed having them.
It was lovely to have Ted and Trish join us for the day Saturday. The lovely weather would have made it a pleasant drive for them to be with us.

That evening the Wags excelled themselves to lay on a wonderful shared meal that would appeal to all tastes. Those around Sunday had left overs for lunch (and there was even a little more to finish off at tea time). As per usual Sunday was a relaxing day. Those interested in socialising did whilst others followed their own pursuits.

A fair number of us had to head for home Sunday but 6 vans were still parked up until Monday morning.

We clearly have some card sharks amongst us as both Bev and Leonie had spectacular wins playing bush rummy. Bev had a win with a score of 59 but lost her crown the next day to Leonie, who achieved the impressive total of 26. Well done ladies! The rest of us have to raise our aspirations.

Next month, 10-13th June 2022, will be at Yarloop. Please contact Tony1 on 0418926910 or email tony.dixon1@bigpond.com to indicate your attendance or for information.

Foundation Member Colin
Foundation Member Colin

Brookhampton, 9th - 12th March 2022

9 rigs, 19 people (inc 2 members staying in Donnybrook) and 9 wagging tails.
Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us ……. yes, it was the Wag’s 8th birthday celebration weekend. Colin represented our foundation members and gave us a recap of our history for the benefit of our newer members. Thanks Colin. All our pet friendly members certainly appreciate the efforts of those who established our chapter.

Naturally we had a wonderful dinner to mark the occasion. Thanks go, especially to Barb and Sue, for all their efforts to provide a fully catered roast dinner followed by sweets. A lovely meal was shared and all pitched in with the various tasks. A special note was taken as to how efficient our men were with the washing up. Thanks guys …..

Now for the rest of the weekend….
The key was collected Thursday so the early birds were able to enjoy the Brookhampton Bellringers practice session that evening. A real treat.

The remainder of our gang arrived Friday, ready to enjoy our cooler weekend. We made much use of the verandah, maintaining our social distance, throughout Friday. A lovely spot watching the passing traffic and waving to the locals.

Friday evening saw most putting in an order at the local fishnchips in Donnybrook. Barb and Sue kindly took the drive into town to pick up our dinners. Thanks girls. Generous serves greeted us around the tables in the hall. We were impressed with the quality (and how hot it was) especially considering it was such a large order.

Saturday saw us making the most of the verandah again. Morning tea, craft, natter…..along with completing the preparations for our birthday celebration that evening. Wafting roasting meat smells certainly tempted our taste buds. We were just so glad we could get the ovens working! Happy hour seemed shorter as we readied ourselves for our big night.
By 6pm all was ready …..
Sunday was a very different day weatherwise. Rain, rain and a bit more rain. Puddles  everywhere changed our landscape. A totally drippy day. The sun came out occasionally, long enough for some puddles to disappear before the next shower. We had to head indoors to stay dry. A really lazy day. We shared the left overs for lunch then had a community dinner.

We had a bag of potatoes left over from our celebratory dinner so Rosalie and Leanne organised jacket potatoes for dinner. Several contributions were added to complete our meal. Thanks ladies (Sue, Wendy and Colleen).

At one stage out came the Ladder Golf set for a game on the verandah. It was Tony2’s weekend of success. He completed a hat trick - winning Bush Rummy both nights and Ladder Golf.
Congratulations Tony2, quite an achievement.