West Coast Wags - The Pet Friendly Chapter

           10th TO 13th NOVEMBER  2023

12 members-7 Homes on Wheels-5 wagging tails

Whilst some members had arrived on Thursday, by Friday we were all gathered on the hall verandah to enjoy our Happy Hour catch-up busily chatting about how we had all been spending our time during the last few weeks. We also discussed the possibility of enjoying a nice Sunday lunch at the Jenna Tavern but when Leanne produced the taverns menu we decided $52 for steak & salad was just a touch too expensive for a bush tavern lunch.

The sun was shining and we were all looking forward to our usual WAGS fun and games time together.

As the committee were providing supper for us, a 5 o'clock 'Kitchen Conference' was held to decide how long and at what temperature Pizza's are cooked. UUUUMMMM!! Our delicious pizza's were served at 6'ish at varying shades of brown, from quite dark to light brown. We all thoroughly enjoyed every flavoursome bite !

Saturday morning tea saw us sinking our teeth into Shirley’s very yummy scones covered in jam and cream. Being Remembrance Day Lin told us we were invited to attend the 11am Memorial Service followed by tea & biscuits at the local CWA and many did and those that didn't wished they had ! It was a moving Service complete with an ex-serviceman riding his grey horse in respect for the 10th Light Horse Brigade and all the Anzacs that gave their lives for our freedom.

As the tavern was closed we all had our lunch in our HOWs.

It was a mellow afternoon in the hall with Maria and Gary practising their much loved ballroom dancing until Lin's Ladder Golf Competition took place. It was hilarious with the 'golf balls' bouncing on the wooden floor back up to the ladder rungs or gaining a neat position in the chairs and carpet pulled up to protect the walls from the deadly flying balls !!!

Our Saturday night was another hoot when we sauntered into the hall at 6pm for our Op-Shop Glamour dinner. All the ladies certainly did look very glammed up except one in a bright red baggy Mu-Mu dress adorned with clashing turquoise jewellery!

The two men who did pluck up their courage and dressed for the occasion were something very special. Cross Dressing Gary had us in stitches of laughter as he went the 'Full 9 Yards ' in a close fitting leopardskin dress, gold necklace, a fascinator hat perched saucily on the side of his head and black thongs footwear! He won the 'Fashion Show'

Tony P came a close second with his 'what the heck AM I wearing' outfit of a swish Italian style brown jacket over a bright red shirt, Hawaiian shorts, multi coloured striped socks , chunky sandals and op-shop price tickets just to complete his all over un-saviour fair look.

Lin would have completed the Triumphant Trio but he forgot his outfit (well that's what he told us LOL)

Our dinner was once again delicious with roast beef and pork cooked by the kitchen crew, salads and desserts brought by the members to share. After our meal Pat and Gary as the Ladder Golf winners were presented with Tiny Trophies to place on their 'shelves for trophies' at home. Lin also presented Gary with what can only be described as a Politically Correct Rainbow Wiggler which did get wiggled when appropriately placed on his body !!

Stormy Sunday – a committee meeting was held to discuss and plan next years venues followed by morning tea at which some lucky munchers had the remaining Shirley's scones and chocolate eclairs ! Some people went home after we ate left over food bits and pieces for lunch but everyone was a little concerned about the on coming storm. There had been rain and thunder in the night and one or two people changed their plans in case of weather difficulties. The afternoon thunder and rain had some of us a bit wary and others snuggled in their HOWs. It was quiet evening of chat, games and simple socialising with an early morning clear-up and heading home after another great WAGs weekend.

             14th to 18th September 2023

17vans---34 people ---3 visitors --- 8 four legged friends

The WAGs early birds arrived at the Moora Pony Club grounds on Thursday to enjoy what Moora has to offer including lunch at the Drovers Inn Hotel which has recently acquired new owners with a few which often happens when taking over an establishment.

The remaining members came on Friday to find some beautiful Clydesdale horses occupying the paddock next to the grounds. Their owners were keeping a close eye on them and getting them ready for their appearance at the annual Moora Show on Saturday. The horses seemed to enjoy that their coats and manes were brushed to gleaming and their tails plaited, they looked very smart indeed.

We gathered on the verandah of the hall for our customary Happy Hour enjoying catching up with each other and welcoming our visitors Debbie and Kerry. There were 3 Birthdays this month, 2 on Today.

For supper we had yummy fresh hot-dogs cooked and prepared by our hard working volunteers.

We all had a great time chatting with folk we hadn't seen for a few weeks and the fun of our fund raising chocolate wheel where the donated prizes range from a frying pan to a tin of beans !

Les had a special gift for Bev – a rather eye popping pink furry animated creature that looked like a cross between a unicorn and an Owl ! Its huge eyes glowed at us when Bev triggered it off ! Bev gave Les a kiss on his cheek in thanks for such a gift ! It doesn't take a lot to keep us all amused !

Afterwards some went of to their vans for an early night while some played cards.

Saturday saw us up and out after morning tea heading for the Moora Show. The grounds were full with some very interesting absolutely huge farm machinery, a big display of Classic cars and enormous plastic blow-up amusements for children to bounce around on, swing off, run along, huge rolling balls to swivel inside and generally have lots of fun and laughter plus it was all amazingly free !!

There was also a very sorry looking hornless mechanical bucking bronco bull just waiting for someone to jump on it and get bucked off !

A dancing group of young girls put on some colourful dance routines surrounded by their very proud Mums and Dads. The children were also loving the Petting Pen with the whitest sheep we have ever seen mingling with chickens, ducks and a very majestic turkey strutting his stuff! This was free too so the kids had a great time without breaking the bank of Mum & Dad. A big tent offered shade plus seating with tables to enjoy a cold drink, a hot doughnut or a lunch from one of the many on site food vans.

One very big pavilion had all the Moora school children's art work on display plus cakes, vegetables, flowers, carpentry and many other home-made items people had worked hard to put in the various Show Competitions. The craft table was bursting with beautiful garments and goods made by happy amateurs including our very skilled WAGs members represented us very well.

Barbara -–a 1st Prize

Jerry—an Encouragement Award

Topsy---a 1st Prize, a 2nd Prize and a Highly Commended

Rosemary ---an awesome 8 1st Prizes, and a 2nd Prize Plusa  Best of Show ribbon!

A smaller shed had the best of the best chickens in display cages and one rather sad goose squashed into one.

The Clydesdale horses put on a magnificent display of the difficult Long Rein performance.

All in all it was a most enjoyable day finished off with our chocolate wheel and pages of Leanne's colourful photos of the groups previous ' weekend in the country' meeting towns of which we were to name. Most of us, amongst much laughter, failed miserably to recognise them.

On Sunday after an enjoyable morning tea some of us decided to try the lunch menu at the Drovers Inn. Expecting something similar to the slightly disorganised lunch served in the week we were pleasantly surprised to have good service with our various well cooked lunches.

The to our Moora weekend was the invitation by Shirley to join her and husband Peter in his micro-brewery to sample and comment on his My Beer drinks. Peter did a great job of explaining how to make the beers and how the equipment worked. We all sampled some and it was rather a nice brew. Shirley and Peter also treated us to yummy pizza's which only took 1 ½ minutes to cook in Peters magic pizza oven. Tasty hamburgers were also on the menu and Bev spoilt us with a delicious pavlova topped with fresh cream and strawberries. Some people played cards and stayed over night while the rest of us toddled off to bed.

Monday morning was time to say safe travels and see you all at our next great get together at Boyup Brook on the 13th to 16th October.

Beer and Pizza at Peter's micro brewery
Beer and Pizza at Peter's micro brewery

11th to 14th AUGUST 2023

16 People 12 Vans and 10 wagging tails, eventually.

The weekend started slowly with 6 vans and 10 people arriving Thursday, 2 more on Friday and 2 more on Saturday.

Unfortunately drizzly rain curbed outdoor activities on Thursday except for happy Hour – it would need a cyclone to stop that and also on Friday. However Friday evening saw the chapter visit the Hotel for the evening meal which was enjoyed by all.

Saturdays shared meal had to be taken at lunchtime as the camp kitchen was booked in the evening for workers staying at the caravan site while working on the Cunderdin solar farm. Then the afternoon was spent on a very enlightening visit to the local Pioneer Museum. Fortunately the evening was fine enough for people to sit round the camp fire until driven into their vans by the rain staring again at about 7pm.

Sunday saw many of WAGS heading to the Men’s Shed where a very tasty and filling morning tea was laid on especially for the chapter – cakes 1, WAGS 0. It was very interesting visit seeing the variety of machinery they have, especially the tractor started with a shot gun cartridge!

Sunday evening again saw the chapter gather round the camp fire and this time – No Rain!

The chapter found the Caravan site to be well laid out and the Caretaker was very helpful and friendly

Next get together is at Moora for the Show on the 14th to 17th September.