West Coast Wags - The Pet Friendly Chapter

Molly Feb 2020
Molly Feb 2020

Bindoon February 2020

Bindoon, 6th - 10th February 2020

12 vehicles, 24 campers and 5 wagging tails.


This month we went to Bindoon, parking around the grassed town oval. The weather was ideal for lots of chatting, games and fun.

Thursday saw most people arriving, with the last few Friday morning. Thursday evening was spent playing the obligatory disc bowls and ladder golf on the oval, enjoying the communal banter. The wee early hours even saw a little bit of rain- as if many saw it!

The remainder of the group arrived Friday. In the afternoon, the club enjoyed watching a video of our Chapter’s activities (the last six months of 2019). Lots of laughs and reminiscing- particularly of our time together on the Roving Rally (in September) and our Christmas weekends (in July and December!) A good keepsake and memory jogger as to how active we’ve been and how far we’ve roamed.

Friday night a local invited us to the Chinkabee Sporting Complex, across the oval from where we were camped. We had a thoroughly enjoyable evening- hamburgers for dinner followed by a game of Scroungers Bowls. Bob aimed high, by being the only one of us in the final playoff for the evening. Well done Bob, you had a large group of fans cheering you on.

Saturday morning saw the walkers amongst us exploring the town- the bakery being well supported, along with the local Eco Store, which had yummy local fruit and veg. As it was quite hot in the afternoon some chose to play cards whilst others worked on their projects. By the time dinner rolled around the heat had eased and our shared meal was enjoyed by all. We followed this up with more card games - finding ingenious ways to stop the cards blowing away in the wind.

Sunday morning, after a club breakfast of bacon, eggs, baked beans and toast there was another opportunity to support the town, by visiting the local Op Shop. Many bargains were to be had- including a new game to play that night, Guess Who/What? Great mirth and puzzled faces. We learnt something- don’t try to drink and laugh at the same time. Who said a kid’s game would be easy? How do you work out you’re a ‘wheelchair’ from yes/no answers? Well done Trish who won that round as a ‘footballer’.

Our visitors, Paul and Trish (another one) introduced us to a new game, ‘Klop’. Our first try on the grass proved rather challenging as the ‘log’ bounced in all directions. Our second attempt on the cricket pitch made it easier to reset the skittles- though the ‘log’ still had a mind of its own. Lots of fun and a great game that a larger group can participate in all together. Thanks, Paul and Trish, for introducing us to this game.

The club’s ‘Duck Tin’ was well supported this weekend. Who would guess members neglect to duck far enough to avoid awning struts. Now to find a suitably ‘duck’ shaped tin???

A few headed for home Sunday afternoon whilst the rest broke camp Monday morning.

As the majority of our members are attending next month’s State Rally at Boddington, 18th- 23rd March 2020 we have chosen to forgo our usual weekend the week before. So, here we come….

The following month, in April (16th- 20th), it will be our club’s birthday weekend at Mogumber.  We will be having a catered dinner to mark the event on the Saturday evening. Contact details: Rose on 0402 121 094



Our weekend for most of us started on Thursday – We love the four-day weekends.

This weekend was the most attended for a very long time, with 16 Vans and 31 Christmas Merry Makers.

Visitors for the weekend included several from the South West Wanderers and Bevin Martin, the West Australian Representative of the C.M.C.A and his wife – Lorraine. Bevin spoke about the up-coming Rally at Dumbleyung – sounded like fun!

This weekend we also welcomed our newest members – Barb and Jerry Cypher, and ‘Nina’, their Pug X fur baby, and ‘Bear’ – Trish and Ted’s Maltese/Spitz fur baby.

The early birds spent Friday Watching the rest of the group arrive and catching up with everyone’s news and playing Disc Bowls – while sheltering from the Sun under the awnings of Syd’s, Bob’s and Ann and John’s motorhomes.

We ordered in Fish and Chips for Dinner from the local shop – the servings were too big for most of us. After dinner we played cards under the awnings. The local insect life enjoyed the well light site…dropping in to check our cards at regular intervals.

Saturday’s weather was not as nice as the previous sunny day –but the rain held off long enough for us to have our AGM under the awnings and gazebos.

All Office bearers were re-elected.

President - Bob Hearn

Treasurer – Shirley Derrick

Secretary – Maria Clark

Teams were organised for a disc bowls competition for the afternoon but was put off until Sunday because of the weather.

The evening saw us all dressed to the nines and ready to eat and party at the Football Club. What a wonderful meal was provided by the club Ladies!!

The highlight of the evening was the gift presenting by Santa and Mrs. Claus – (aka Bob Hearn) who stole the show having us in hysterics with his/her risqué behaviour!!

Sunday morning saw us tucking into a cooked breakfast…..YUM !!

The breakfast was followed by the Disc Bowls Competition – the top team was Rose, Marj and Wal.

Sunday evening we played cards in the Recreation Hall.

By 930 am Monday morning all of us on the road heading off with a present from Mr and Mrs Claus and happy and sated from a wonderful meal and many games of cards and  disk bowls.

Our next meeting is January 11, 12,13 at the ever popular Goomalling CP , 28 Throssell St , Goomalling. $20 pvpn payable to Kathy as you come in to the park. As always we will have use of the meeting room for our Saturday night shared meal.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.