West Coast Wags - The Pet Friendly Chapter

9th – 14 th APRIL 2024

12 Vehicles 18 People 4 visitors, 8 wagging tails

Venue was excellent with nice green grass and parking available on the oval edge near the change rooms and kitchen members parked up and began socialising.
Then it fell apart -----
Sprinklers came on at 2000 hrs Thursday night and soaked everyone but worse they had a Very high pressure and got into vehicles through open windows and doors, Les even had all his bedding washed for him!
But worse was to follow, at 0400 hrs Friday morning Sprinklers then came on again and caught everyone unprepared, as we did not expect 2 sprays in one night!!
What wasn't washed the first time was on the second blasting of water.
The Result - Everyone moved from on the oval on Friday choosing either the bitumen area or the gravel area for the rest of the weekend, and the sprinklers were turned off and never came on again.
No one was prepared to chance a second run in with the sprinklers!!! But it meant that the chapter was split in 2.

On the Bright Side, the Weather was kind- a little warm Thursday, perhaps the sprinklers came on to cool everyone down? then absolutely perfect except for 1 rain shower on the Thursday,

Shirley also broke down at Bindoon on the way to Gidgegannup. A mechanic came from Mandurah and got her going.
She then broke down again right opposite the entrance to Red Hill Tip and her Vehicle spent the night there, and got to Gidgegannup on Friday morning.
The Mechanic then spent all day fixing it.

The Thai dinner on Friday night was excellent and a real change from the usual meal type we find in these small country towns.
Saturday's shared meal once again showed the excellent skills of all the chapters cooks.

Lunch on Sunday at the Gidgegannup bakery was excellent also.
Overall a lot of disc bowls, ladder golf and cards were played in the very nice weather.

Next meeting Brookhampton Hall April 11th to 15th where a General meeting will be held.

13 MEMBERS and  8 wagging tails

Disc bowls were only played on Friday morning due to heat, but the Scores were still carefully checked
It was very hot Friday and got even HOTTER on Saturday and Sunday.

The Goomalling Community Club put on great meal Friday night which resulted in everyone eating too much

Caravan Park is between caretakers, Kathy the previous caretaker, known to all Chapter members, had passed away a few weeks ago and no replacement had yet been found.

Saturday at 10:00am several adventurous members went to Community Club to play social lawn bowls but returned after about an hour as just too hot.
The heat meant that most members stayed in their vans all day Saturday under the air conditioning
until it cooled a bit allowing members to emerge for the Saturday night BBQ with great meat, salads and sweets. Again everyone ate too much.

Sunday morning started very windy and hot, once again much time was spent in vehicles with air conditioning in full use.
Weather conditions resulted in 3 members postponed their leaving on Sunday due to the high winds.

Overall a great weekend only dampened by the heat. Hopefully cooler at Nyabing in February.

PS: As the Scribe could not make it this weekend thanks to President Lin for the information and photos.

WAROONA CHRISTMAS & FOUNDATION MEMBERs       7th TO 11th DECEMBER                                          


Well didn't our Christmas Celebration get off to a great start at Happy Hour being made happier with Lin presenting our December Birthday members with yummy boxes of chocolates.

We had booked 36 places for Friday night dinner at the Rec Hotel, the recently renovated Waroona Hotel. To avoid our last group hotel dinner muddle and very long wait, Leanne had us all select what we wanted for dinner which was pre-ordered with our names beside our order. This worked extremely well and everyone got a delicious hot meal on time, so we all ate together.

When finished some went back to camp and some wandered to a different bar with karaoke and skimpie girls.

The singers were a very mixed bunch of great voices and really bad ones, which added to the fun. The skimpies did their job of amusing the crowd really well and one of us ended up wearing one of their headpieces. UMMM there was a small age gap of about 60 years with one lovely slim figure and one ----well !!!!!

Saturday began with our customary morning tea, paying fees and chatting. Then our team of hard workers had made platters of delicious fresh sandwiches for our lunch. Later they decorated the tables for our evening celebratory Christmas dinner and WAGS 10th year. The team had also arranged & decorated two large Christmas Hampers and wrapped many, many donations as our raffle prizes.

At 6 o'clock we all gathered in the hall for our special dinner. Our 11 guests of Honour, our Founder Members were seated at the head table & sides, the committee table faced them and the remaining two side rows of tables completed a square of 35 happy WAGS members. Everyone had made an effort to look either glamorous or funny with colourful shirts, blouses, hats Bev and Serena,s outfits exceeding all of us.

The dinner was promptly served by the staff of Waroona Cafe and enjoyed by all. After all plates were cleared Christmas crackers were pulled, silly hats placed on heads and really truly bad cracker jokes were read to each others amusement.

Founding Member Wally gave an interesting speech on how the Wags group was 1st initiated. Then Lin made his speech and presentations in honour of our Founder Members- Wally & Lucy, Andy, Marj, Dwayne, Christine & Martin, Fay & Syd, Topsy & Arie, Trish & Ted, Louisa & Andy, Sue & Bob, Audrey & Colin, Loraine & Phil, Dulcie & Alan, Russell, Anita, June & Alf. Framed photographs telling the Foundation story were made especially for the Founder Members plus a sweet laminated page of photos and names of 12 of the members furry friends was passed around.

It was the love of their dogs that encouraged those CMCA members to form a Pet Friendly group much to the joy of other dog/pet owners who want to travel with their pets. Marj, Trish and Colin happily shared their club founding memories with us.

Then came the drawing of the raffle with many very happy winners and Topsy entertained us with a special reading. We all departed to our various 'homes' well fed and watered thanks to all the hard work and planning by our trusty friends.

Serious Sunday morning at 9am we held our AGM with all the current committee continuing with their positions with a break between the AGM and our General Meeting. We had a treat coming, a slice of the delicious 10th Anniversary Cake that Wally was given the job of making the first cut, then another surprise treat at the close of the General Meeting Lin and Gary handed each of us a specially made WAGS mug.

Many went home on Sunday afternoon with those that remained chatting, playing cards after dinner at the Drakeswood Motel Restaurant.

Our 10th Anniversary-Christmas Weekend was a huge, most enjoyable and happy success.

           10th TO 13th NOVEMBER  2023

12 members-7 Homes on Wheels-5 wagging tails

Whilst some members had arrived on Thursday, by Friday we were all gathered on the hall verandah to enjoy our Happy Hour catch-up busily chatting about how we had all been spending our time during the last few weeks. We also discussed the possibility of enjoying a nice Sunday lunch at the Jenna Tavern but when Leanne produced the taverns menu we decided $52 for steak & salad was just a touch too expensive for a bush tavern lunch.

The sun was shining and we were all looking forward to our usual WAGS fun and games time together.

As the committee were providing supper for us, a 5 o'clock 'Kitchen Conference' was held to decide how long and at what temperature Pizza's are cooked. UUUUMMMM!! Our delicious pizza's were served at 6'ish at varying shades of brown, from quite dark to light brown. We all thoroughly enjoyed every flavoursome bite !

Saturday morning tea saw us sinking our teeth into Shirley’s very yummy scones covered in jam and cream. Being Remembrance Day Lin told us we were invited to attend the 11am Memorial Service followed by tea & biscuits at the local CWA and many did and those that didn't wished they had ! It was a moving Service complete with an ex-serviceman riding his grey horse in respect for the 10th Light Horse Brigade and all the Anzacs that gave their lives for our freedom.

As the tavern was closed we all had our lunch in our HOWs.

It was a mellow afternoon in the hall with Maria and Gary practising their much loved ballroom dancing until Lin's Ladder Golf Competition took place. It was hilarious with the 'golf balls' bouncing on the wooden floor back up to the ladder rungs or gaining a neat position in the chairs and carpet pulled up to protect the walls from the deadly flying balls !!!

Our Saturday night was another hoot when we sauntered into the hall at 6pm for our Op-Shop Glamour dinner. All the ladies certainly did look very glammed up except one in a bright red baggy Mu-Mu dress adorned with clashing turquoise jewellery!

The two men who did pluck up their courage and dressed for the occasion were something very special. Cross Dressing Gary had us in stitches of laughter as he went the 'Full 9 Yards ' in a close fitting leopardskin dress, gold necklace, a fascinator hat perched saucily on the side of his head and black thongs footwear! He won the 'Fashion Show'

Tony P came a close second with his 'what the heck AM I wearing' outfit of a swish Italian style brown jacket over a bright red shirt, Hawaiian shorts, multi coloured striped socks , chunky sandals and op-shop price tickets just to complete his all over un-saviour fair look.

Lin would have completed the Triumphant Trio but he forgot his outfit (well that's what he told us LOL)

Our dinner was once again delicious with roast beef and pork cooked by the kitchen crew, salads and desserts brought by the members to share. After our meal Pat and Gary as the Ladder Golf winners were presented with Tiny Trophies to place on their 'shelves for trophies' at home. Lin also presented Gary with what can only be described as a Politically Correct Rainbow Wiggler which did get wiggled when appropriately placed on his body !!

Stormy Sunday – a committee meeting was held to discuss and plan next years venues followed by morning tea at which some lucky munchers had the remaining Shirley's scones and chocolate eclairs ! Some people went home after we ate left over food bits and pieces for lunch but everyone was a little concerned about the on coming storm. There had been rain and thunder in the night and one or two people changed their plans in case of weather difficulties. The afternoon thunder and rain had some of us a bit wary and others snuggled in their HOWs. It was quiet evening of chat, games and simple socialising with an early morning clear-up and heading home after another great WAGs weekend.