West Coast Wags - The Pet Friendly Chapter


For those Early Birds who arrived on Thursday it was a battle to stay cool due to a very high temperature.

Bev found that a good place to sit and cool off was in the camps kitchen/lounge which is air-conditioned whilst others stayed in their various HOW's (Homes on Wheels )

Friday was arrival day for the clubs remaining members to arrive at various times and getting together in the shade of the camps outdoor sitting area and catching up with what we all had been doing over the Christmas and New Year festive time.

For dinner we had ordered fish & chips, pizza or burghers from the local shop who delivered it on the dot at 6pm. As the boxes were all emptied I can guess that the food was enjoyed by all.

Leanne began the evening with the fun game of Beetle Dice supplying us with sheets of paper, the rules and pencils to complete our Beetle's with. Much to their surprise winners were awarded with a chocolate bar.

The next group action was the introduction of our Wags Penguin, to name him/her/it (at the moment we are not sure of it's gender ) and to decide what his/her/it's club title would be. We decided as he/her/it is a Penguin, not a dog, that the title of mascot is inappropriate and he/her/it is now known as the groups Penguin Award.

Everyone wrote a name down which Leanne called out and the group decided Tony Ps name of Wagstaff was the most suitable. However the name is gender neutral so being politically correct and until we decide the gender Wagstaff is referred to as he/she/it.

The Penguin Award is to be awarded monthly to members who do something noticeable over the weekend. It can be something silly,funny, kind or generous and the person is nominated to care for, hold/carry at all times and generally nurture our new friend Wagstaff over the weekend.

Our very first 'Chosen One' to be awarded was Shirley for her questionable betting ability of investing $8 to win $6 at the Wagin Trotting track races.

Shirley, being the great sport she is, was delighted to have the privilege of being Wagstaff's carer for the weekend. She tucked him/her/it into her jacket when walking and sat him/her/it on her lap alongside Beau.

Her only slip-up was abandoning Wagstaff on a chair, in the heat, whilst doing other things. Noticed by Lin and rescued by June we decided Wagstaff,being a penguin, needed to cool off so we put him/her/it in the fridge !! And there he/her/it laid, in the cool, until a rather surprised Bev opened the fridge door and reunited him/her/it to his slightly neglectful carer Shirley !

Wagstaff was returned to his/her/its other carers on Sunday afternoon and is now waiting with much anticipation to be awarded to his/her/its next unsuspecting winner at our Wagin weekend.

After the award and a fun game of Beetle Dice which Leanne had organised for our Friday night gathering, some folk had gone to their HOWs, some including Shirley played cards in the kitchen/lounge and the remainder sat and chatted outside, enjoying the cool air and a glass of wine.

Suddenly two police cars drove in and stopped close to us, all our brains went into overdrive wondering what rules we had broken !! Out of their cars stepped two smiling officers who were just checking that we weren’t running riot LOL Seeing our ages we were in the clear !

The officers were so friendly and enjoyed a chat so always ready to have some fun we managed to convince one officer to arrest Shirley for Penguin-napping Wagstaff. To our great amusement he carried out his 'duty' for the night, he went into the kitchen and found Shirley, then, with great courage he rescued Wagstaff holding him/her/high in his arms. It was a hoot.

After winning some hearts and making some seniors very happy, they returned to their cars to complete their official duties and drove off into the night, both men a credit to our police force.

We had an impromptu early morning committee meeting, then Saturday was spent with various members playing disc bowls, walking dogs, chatting,generally relaxing and some op-shopping which was organised by Trish whose sister kindly opened up the shop for a few hours especially for our group.

After 'Happy Hour' we had a few spins of the Chocolate Wheel with lucky winners gathering various well wrapped goodies. Overhead we were serenaded by literally dozens of white cockatoo's flying from one tree to another trying to decide which one to settle in for the night !

Our shared dinner was enjoyed by all with some birthday celebrations. Saturday was Leanne's actual birthday plus Anita and Marg. Lin gifted all 3 birthday girls with a yummy box of chocolates, Sue had made Leanne a rather nice iced birthday cake complete with a candle and we all treated them to an off tune rendition of Happy Birthday To You.

Then we held our unique Adopt A Dog auction with Tony P as Auctioneer Extraordinaire and June as Fast Talking Seller !! Tony & I had previously 'rescued' 8 toy dogs and 1 cat (which we thought was a dog ) from various op-shops for our groups production of Snow White, we now decided they needed re-housing rather than going back to op-shops and probably ending up as land fill !

So our doggies and one cat were brushed, cleaned and named ready to look their cutest for our Doggie Adoption Day.

Tony was a fine auctioneer and June did her best at convincing everyone their lives would not be worth living without one of our fur babies ! It went well with Tony bringing the house down with his “ Its a BARGAIN -$15 for a pussy-----(CAT!!!!!!) “ assuring Shirley it was money well spent!

Beau was rather happy to share Shirley with Beryl the Peril cat !

All our babies found new homes and we were thankful 'Singing Sonny and Cher' stayed forever together with Marg & Andy. Daisy's new family Sue & Tony D brought on another singing session with the old time favourite 'Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do ' and Kitt-ee loved Daisy so much she fell apart from Kitt-Ee's love and attention.

Tint Tina fitted nicely into Bev's 'Mouse House' It was great fun and a sum of $65 approx was made for our group fund.

After all the excitement we spent the evening chatting, playing cards or relaxing 'indoors'.

Sunday began with early riser Bev finding our used and now empty 'shared dinner' food containers on the outside table. Seemingly some hungry night stalker went to the fridge and helped themselves to the remainder of our dinner—well it was a Shared Meal!!!! I think some wished him or her a slight case of indigestion !

So we spent the day socialising, saying farewells and safe travels to those heading for home and generally just relaxing and looking forward to our next gathering in Waroona on February 9th. If you want to join us call Leanne on 0417907751.

            9 RIGS - 19 MEMBERS - 1 MOTEL UNIT - 9 WAGGING TAILS

Wagin's Woolarama Showgrounds was our December destination with several people arriving on Thursday and the remaining folk chugging in on Friday. In total we had 17 people in their various H.O.W.s (homes on wheels) with Lil and John sleeping in the nearby motel but joining us for all our meetings, eating, drinking and general socialising. Not to forget our 9 furry friends of various sizes and colours joining in the fun with their servants, ooops – sorry, their owners.

Early on Friday evening, after 'happy hour', we enjoyed yummy hot-dogs complete with onions and sauces cooked by Maria and her 'happy male helpers'. A fairly early night was had by all as we had to be up, awake and clear minded for our Saturday A.G.M. in which we would form a new committee for 2023.

After our brain awakening coffees we gathered to discuss, nominate and elect our new committee.

Bob nominated Lin as our 2023 President, which we all agreed with and Lin accepted. Gary and Bob accepted their positions as Vice Presidents, Leanne is our new events co-ordinator and June has taken the position as scribe. Tony P. continues as secretary with the proviso that he may not be able to fulfil his role for the whole year due to potential travel plans for 2023. Rosalie is continuing her duties as treasurer.

Gary, Tony D, Leanne,Tony P, Rosalie, Bob and Lin were all sincerely thanked for all their hard work, patience that they freely gave to make all our 2022 meetings interesting and in great locations which were all very sociable spent with our great group of members.

Our new committee’s first duty was to present a new motion. Which was---------------

'Dogs may be brought to morning tea, afternoon tea and happy hour but must be by the owners chair on a short lead and under the owners control'

The motion was passed by a majority vote.

We then discussed various ways of entertaining ourselves and fund raising during our next 12 gatherings. Some very good ideas were presented which will be worked on by Leanne, June and various volunteers.

The meeting was closed followed by fun rounds of the Chocolate Wheel with us happily unwrapping our prizes of jelly crystals, tins of beans and various other goodies !

The evening was rounded off nicely with our shared dinner enjoyed by all.

Sunday, whilst sitting in the shade under the open shed, we watched many horse floats with their 'spiders' attached arrive in time for Wagin's celebrations of 100 year anniversary of Trots/Pacing.

Lin had also been told there would be plentiful market stalls so we were looking forward to possibly buying some bargains while enjoying 'the trots'.

1.30 was the Grand Opening time with half a dozen of us eager to join in all the action and excitement. As by then Tony and I were hungry we headed straight for the 'food hall' queue, buying burgers and chips which were not at all bad for $15 each.

Shirley also being hungry elected for a chicken 'Roast of the Day' and got the booby prize meal ! To her disappointment on her plate, awash with gravy, the chicken element consisted of two shaves of chicken and a huge pile of stuffing!! Much to our amusement but not Shirley's, however we all forgave the kitchen staff which consisted of lots of inexperienced local folk falling over each other while struggling to feed the ever growing queue of hungry punters !

Shirley's luck didn't improve with her firstly winning $6 for an $8 bet, then losing the $6, she then retired her short and sorry gambling career.

Tony and I stayed for another couple of races being highly amused at the 'Young Ones' races with small ponies and spiders. The smallest pony, not much bigger than a large dog, was given the handicap of starting the race halfway down the track. He (or she) didn't trot, he STROLLED along the track ahead of everyone. No matter how hard the young fella behind clipped his much largergrey pony with the reins, he could not pass 'Slowcoach' who eventually and in his own time, was FIRST past the post !! It was so funny, very similar to the Hare & the Tortoise fable.

Overwhelmed by all the excitement and no market stalls (we never did know what happened to them ) we returned to the group to enjoy a chat and a few drinks, Shirley was still miffed about her chicken-less dinner. Saying safe travels to those who had to leave for home, those remaining had fun with a new dice game in Shirley's HOW.

Monday morning saw us all heading for our homes.

Dowerin CP, 10th - 14th November 2022
23 rigs, 2 cabins, 44 people and 13 wagging tails.

It was time for Christmas- in November, for the Wags. The Dowerin CP was an ideal venue as the local Community Club was just next door so just a short crossing of the ‘car park’ to the front door. The Club did a wonderful job catering for our Christmas Dinner.

Most arrived Thursday, set up camp and began enjoying the excellent facilities. By Friday lunchtime almost all had arrived, with just the ‘cabin’ dwellers arriving Saturday. We welcomed a couple from across the ‘ditch’, John and Lynda. It was great to hear of their adventures, both here and at home in NZ. We look forward to seeing you again next year  when you return from home, after trying out your latest RV purchase.

Friday’s Happy Hour had us spinning our Chocolate Wheel before many of our happy campers headed to the local Club for the $20 BBQ special dinner meal. Great value, as it included a piece of steak, lamb chop and sausage along with a variety of salads. We certainly added significantly to the local club’s takings for the night!

Saturday was our big day of activity. Those who hadn’t headed to the local Op Shop Friday took the walk up to the old bowling club to snare themselves a bargain, others headed to the local butcher shop (after tasting his wares at the BBQ the night before) whilst others were busy preparing our Christmas hampers for our raffle or setting the
tables ready for our Christmas dinner.

Come 6pm all was ready. Everyone was dressed to impress and had taken the short walk to the club ready for a night of fun and frivolity. The tables were decorated- the theme being A Bikie’s Christmas, empty cans, packets of white ‘stuff/snuff’?, weeds and dosh…..

After a beautiful, plentiful dinner we had a special visitor, with helper, arrive via motorbike with sacks of presents. Thanks (Mrs) Santa and her elf/bikies’ mole. Who knew you can ride motorbikes as well as drive sleighs? Just as all had received a gift, great consternation as the constabulary arrived. Much hiding of the ‘evidence’ in bras and baton wielding occurred….. Thankfully all were innocent. Many thanks to all who contributed to the evening’s entertainment. Much laughter and fun for all.

Our monster Christmas hamper raffle was drawn, drawn and drawn…. yes, at least six prizes later…. A really generous group we are to donate enough for so many worthy prizes.

Sunday saw some heading for home or other pastures whilst others stayed on to enjoy one last day at Dowerin.

December 9th -11th will see the Wags at Wagin’s Showgrounds. Please contact Tony Dixon on 0418926910 or email tony.dixon1@bigpond.com or contact Pres Gary on 0407924057 to indicate your attendance or for further info.

Pumphreys Bridge, 8th - 11th July 2022

13 rigs, 23 people (with three visitors) and 13 wagging tails.

What could have been a very cold weekend did not eventuate. Between the lovely wood fire in the hall and milder temperatures due to impending rain it was a most enjoyable weekend. Yes, it did rain late Saturday afternoon and evening but Sunday dawned much brighter, even if a bit squelchy underfoot.
Quite a number arrived Thursday and the rest trickled in throughout Friday morning. Most chose to park up near the hall so it was easy to get from A to B.

Sue kindly organised a soup and dessert meal for us on Friday night (with some help from Barb). A choice of three soups followed by apple cake and custard was appreciated by all. Thanks Sue. Saturday morning saw Shirl treat us to fresh scones made in the old wood stove. Nothing can beat the flavour of scones cooked in the ‘old fashioned’ way. Once again, thanks go to Shirl for so regularly treating us with such a scrumptious treat.

Saturday night saw our usual food extravaganza. Plenty of food and good company. Wags members certainly know how to cater. Rosalie had organised a Guess the Lollies in the Jar competition. Upon the completion of a communal count Leonie was declared the winner After dinner we also had several turns of our Chocolate Wheel fundraiser. Between these two activities and our continued support of our Containers for Change account our club members reap the benefits. Lots of banter and some lucky winners
(Don’t forget your gold coins ready for next month). Thanks must go to Bev and other contributors for donating the prizes for our wheel. For those that would appreciate a reminder, the West Coast Wags Containers for Change account is C10285597.

The evenings, after dinner, saw our keen card sharks ready to play Bush Rummy whilst others chatted or headed back to their rigs. We couldn’t match the fantastic scores reached at Bolgart but we had fun trying.
It was an entertaining weekend watching the antics of our waggy brigade. The waggy tails brought along by our visitors were soon having fun playing with their new friends. Size didn’t seem to matter as they played chase and romped around together.

Please note next month’s venue has changed. We are now going to
Greenhills Inn, Greenhills (Fri 12th- Mon 15th August 2022). Please contact Tony1 on 0418926910 or email tony.dixon1@bigpond.com to indicate your attendance or for further info.