West Coast Wags - The Pet Friendly Chapter

Foundation Member Colin
Foundation Member Colin

Brookhampton, 9th - 12th March 2022

9 rigs, 19 people (inc 2 members staying in Donnybrook) and 9 wagging tails.
Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us ……. yes, it was the Wag’s 8th birthday celebration weekend. Colin represented our foundation members and gave us a recap of our history for the benefit of our newer members. Thanks Colin. All our pet friendly members certainly appreciate the efforts of those who established our chapter.

Naturally we had a wonderful dinner to mark the occasion. Thanks go, especially to Barb and Sue, for all their efforts to provide a fully catered roast dinner followed by sweets. A lovely meal was shared and all pitched in with the various tasks. A special note was taken as to how efficient our men were with the washing up. Thanks guys …..

Now for the rest of the weekend….
The key was collected Thursday so the early birds were able to enjoy the Brookhampton Bellringers practice session that evening. A real treat.

The remainder of our gang arrived Friday, ready to enjoy our cooler weekend. We made much use of the verandah, maintaining our social distance, throughout Friday. A lovely spot watching the passing traffic and waving to the locals.

Friday evening saw most putting in an order at the local fishnchips in Donnybrook. Barb and Sue kindly took the drive into town to pick up our dinners. Thanks girls. Generous serves greeted us around the tables in the hall. We were impressed with the quality (and how hot it was) especially considering it was such a large order.

Saturday saw us making the most of the verandah again. Morning tea, craft, natter…..along with completing the preparations for our birthday celebration that evening. Wafting roasting meat smells certainly tempted our taste buds. We were just so glad we could get the ovens working! Happy hour seemed shorter as we readied ourselves for our big night.
By 6pm all was ready …..
Sunday was a very different day weatherwise. Rain, rain and a bit more rain. Puddles  everywhere changed our landscape. A totally drippy day. The sun came out occasionally, long enough for some puddles to disappear before the next shower. We had to head indoors to stay dry. A really lazy day. We shared the left overs for lunch then had a community dinner.

We had a bag of potatoes left over from our celebratory dinner so Rosalie and Leanne organised jacket potatoes for dinner. Several contributions were added to complete our meal. Thanks ladies (Sue, Wendy and Colleen).

At one stage out came the Ladder Golf set for a game on the verandah. It was Tony2’s weekend of success. He completed a hat trick - winning Bush Rummy both nights and Ladder Golf.
Congratulations Tony2, quite an achievement.

Yealering, 11th - 14th March 2022

12 rigs, 22 people (inc 2 visitors) and 11 wagging tails.

What a good turn out we had despite concerns about the Covid crisis. This was an ideal location as our gazebos helped us maintain our distance in an outdoor environment. One member had the misfortune of receiving a message to say they were a ‘close contact’ whilst on their way so had to do a u-turn to head home again. This just reinforced everyone’s awareness that these are challenging times.

Many arrived Thursday to make an early start to our weekend, with the remainder dribbling in Friday. The pretend rain/drizzle on Friday and overcast skies made for pleasant conditions sitting outside under the trees or gazebos. We were blessed with lovely evenings, with very few or no mozzies or midges.

Friday saw most of the camp walk to the local hotel for dinner. A pre-dinner drink was enjoyed in the beer garden before heading to the dining room, which had been specially set up for us.

Saturday saw us enjoying an extended morning tea as it rolled on until lunchtime. The afternoon saw some having a siesta whilst others played cards or entertained themselves in a variety of ways. One distraction was the welcoming of our newest ‘waggy’ member Gem- a little bundle of black fur with her own playpen. She soon made friends with the rest of our ‘waggy’ brigade.

Saturday night was dinner by candlelight (well, that sounds better than torchlight). The CP grassed area looked like a pop up restaurant with tables and chairs scattered around. As always there was an expansive range of dishes to tempt all palates. Our dinner was ended with a choice of homemade vanilla slice or cheesecake. Yummmmm.

Sunday could be referred to as lazy day as only one rig headed for home. It was lovely to see so many staying on. Many chose to wander the town on constitutional walks before another long morning tea- with cup cakes, especially designed for the different genders (those present will understand this reference). During the afternoon a couple of our ‘waggy’ friends visited the local beauty parlour- you did look so smart when you returned, Beau and Pip. Naturally, a perfect photo opportunity!

Just before dinner all hands helped pack away the gazebos and tables in preparation for our departure the next morning. We still made good use of our chairs making a circle on the lawn to chat and ‘make merry’ before it was time to say goodnight.

Monday dawned a lovely day for travelling- some onto further destinations whilst others headed for home. By 9.30 am we had all said goodbye to Yealering until our next visit.

Stay safe and healthy and here’s hoping we can all attend next month for the Wag’s 8th birthday celebration at Brookhampton 8-11th April 2022. Please contact Tony1 on 0418926910 or email tony.dixon1@bigpond.com to indicate your attendance

Bindoon, 11th - 14th February 2022

14 rigs, 24 people and 9 wagging tails.

What a good turn out we had despite any concerns about our upcoming  Covid crisis. We made the most of our weekend whilst we could. Even the heat on Thursday didn’t deter our earlybirds, quite a number turned up to make the most of our weekend. They initially set up under the trees before being encouraged to go onto the oval - a day earlier than our booking.

By lunchtime Friday all had arrived and the camp was fully organised with gazebos, and tables ready at our ‘socially distanced’ meeting area on the oval. Despite the continuing heat and humidity (some days) there was a cooling breeze in the gazebo area which made the weather not quite so extreme. Having power did help, with some choosing to ‘hibernate’ during the heat of the afternoons.

This time, we made our own personal arrangements for dinner Friday night before having our shared meal Saturday evening under the gazebos. A lovely evening with fine company and plenty of food. As usual, lots of banter and laughs accompanied our meal.
Throughout the weekend people did support the local community visiting the local bakery, supermarket and Op Shop or stayed at camp socialising.

On a serious note: Saturday, at morning tea, we did discuss the Covid crisis and all agreed attendees at Wags events are to be vaccinated against Covid. The club asks all members and visitors to show evidence of their vaccine status at club events, use sanitiser, masks and socially distance. We are all trying to look after ourselves and each other.

Sunday saw most heading for home as the local cricket club had informed us they would be playing on the oval. Instead of relocating for the afternoon most decided to pack and go. Little did we know plans had changed…. no cricket occurred. Unfortunately no-one had thought to let us know! Even so, the hardy souls amongst us rather enjoyed their change of camp under the trees. Cooler and pleasant when the breeze blew. Just disappointing our weekend was marred by the conflicting information we’d been given.

Our next weekend is at Yealering- 11-14th March 2022. Please contact
Tony1 on 0418926910 or email tony.dixon1@bigpond.com to indicate your attendance or for further info.