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Boddington      is      located      130      kilometers      south-east of    Perth    on    the    Hotham    River.    Established    in    1912, it is named after Henry Boddington, a shepherd  who  grazed his sheep on the banks of the river in the late 1800s. The region has a rich Aboriginal history as part of the Wiilman language group [a division of Noongar].


European settlers arrived in the early 1860s.  The Shire has an area of 1920 square kilometers, around half of which is State  Forest.  The Shire is home to a  variety  of agricultural industries   including   sheep,   cattle,   cereal   crops,   timber, viticulture  and  orchards.  Today, the town has a population of over 2000 people.


Two mines are located within the Shire; Newmont’s Boddington Gold Mine - Australia’s most productive and BHP's Worsley Bauxite Mine. BHP’s mining operations commenced in the late 1970s  and  the gold-mine  reopened  in  2006.