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Covid19 and the Rally


 As you are aware things can change very quickly with Covid19 so we must all do our best to keep up to date with what is happening.

The Rally team will ensure all Covid19 requirements are met and will require you to follow their directions.

Some things we will do but not limited to:

·         A QR Code will be on the site and you will be required to sign into it on arrival and any time you come back on site after visiting the town or other venue. Please ensure you have the SafeWA app on your phone.

·         If your phone does not support this app you will be required to sign the paper copy instead.

·         Please ensure you have at least one mask with you.

·         Hand sanitiser will be available please use it but DO NOT remove from the station.

·         Sanitising wipes will be used to clean door handles, benches, tables, etc.

·         Signs will be in place to show you what is required please read them.


Due to the current uncertainty around Covid 19 and what will happen if the Rally does not go ahead this is what will happen:

·         You will be contacted by the Rally Admin and asked for your Bank details. This may take a few days depending on how many calls have to be made, so please be patient.

·         Once we have your details, we will cross check to ensure we have the correct amount to refund to you.

·         Once to above has been completed payments will start to be made. This will be done in batches as we have to send these to NHQ and then they need two people to Authorise the payments.